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Who Wants to See My Books?

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There are whole host of people, or organisations, that may want to see your Books but the most important one is you!

It is a sad fact that the failure of many businesses can be attributed, not to a lack of hard work and grafting, on the part of the owners but to a loss of financial control. Realising, too late that an overdraft is needed to fulfill the business obligations, or that a customer still has not paid up their account for three months.

The next person that is likely to be very interested in seeing your books is, you guessed it, the taxman. With good bookkeeping, you will not overpay him and you will not incur additional penalties for poor record keeping, or late filing of returns.

Other interested parties include:

  • Your accountant, if you use one, who will use them to advise you on the health of your business

  • Your bank manager, to see if it's viable to set up an overdraft, or arrange a business loan or mortgage

  • Potential suppliers, to see if you are creditworthy

  • Potential investors, to see if they are likely to get a good return on the investment


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